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Grains  08/24/06 9:17:08 PM


Rolled / Recleaned Grain Products

Click on the links below to find more information on our rolled grains and recleaned grains!

Rolled Grains
Corn, Oats, Barley w/ Molasses - 500016
Corn, Oats, Barley Dry - 500014
Barley and Corn w/ Molasses - 500017
Barley and Corn Dry - 500018
Molasses, Oats, and Barley (M.O.B.) - 500019
Rolled Barley - 500011
Rolled Corn - 500013
Canadian Crimped Oats
- 500001

Recleaned Grains
Recleaned Whole Corn - 500073
Cracked Corn - 500067
Recleaned Whole Wheat - 500077
Recleaned Whole Milo - 500074
Recleaned Whole Oats
- 500075

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